811 ticket management
for contractors

Complete digital control of your 811 tickets.

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Improve Communications between Office and Field


Single Login: Centralize standard 811 ticket information like dates, utility member contacts, responses and marks with your site photos, documents and notes.

Accessible Anywhere: All of your 811 ticket documentation and processes are stored in one place, available to you whether you’re in the office or out in the field.

Forever: 811spotter keeps the entire 811 ticket history (great for when you get a bill you don’t deserve).

Nothing is ever missed: 811spotter will even renew your tickets and sends text reminders when something needs your attention.

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Any time you put a shovel in the ground the consequences could be devastating.

Contractors have it hard enough. Mismanaging 811 Tickets makes it worse.

Nobody gets into construction because they like entering data. That’s why most “systems” for tracking contractor 811 tickets fail.

With demands from utility owners in the thousands, how are you ensuring your tickets are valid (and staying there) and the field teams have the information they need to execute?

811spotter make the documentation process simple and does most of the heavy lifting for you!

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Focus on successful project execution, not data entry.

You create the 811 ticket and we take it from there.

Step 1:

Forward your 811 tickets to tickets@811spotter.com.
Most companies set up a rule!

Step 2:

Use the 811spotter dashboard in the office or field to see the latest ticket status and actions.

Step 3:

Follow your on-site processes, take pictures, save notes. 811spotter will send email reminders and text alerts for critical actions.

No more paper records, outdated spreadsheets and cluttered email folders.

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Getting started with 811spotter is dead simple - we’ll even give you a free trial! You can run 811spotter along with your existing system or try it for a while then kick it to the curb if it’s not working for you. Regardless, your feedback will help us improve.
Everybody wins!
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